The National Redress Scheme

Useful Information Regarding The National Redress Scheme

The Australian Government launched the National Redress Scheme on 1 July 2018 for victims of institutional child sexual abuse. 

The Scheme is meant to be a last resort for survivors claiming compensation.

The Scheme will last for ten years, closing on 30 June 2028. So there is still plenty of time.

But it’s only one option.

Key things to note about the National Redress Scheme

  1. Once you’ve applied to the Redress Scheme and they’ve offered you a compensation amount, you cannot look at other avenues of compensation
  2. The Redress Scheme is only for victims of sexual abuse
  3. You may have other compensation options before exploring redress


We strongly recommend talking to an expert lawyer before applying for redress – a specialist will evaluate your evidence and advise you on making a civil claim, applying for redress and top-ups.

You know, once you accept a payment from the Redress Scheme, the door will shut. You cannot make a civil claim once you’ve accepted redress. And you cannot make a second redress claim.

As of January 2020, the National Redress Scheme had received 5,829 applications. 975 actual payments were made. The Scheme is getting quicker at processing applications. And nearly all of the big institutions have joined. The wheels are moving. It’s time to do something.

You can always make a civil claim, then go to the Redress Scheme for a ‘top-up’. An expert lawyer will advise what is the best solution for you.

In some instances, the National Redress Scheme will be the only option for claiming compensation. Particularly where you aren’t sure of names, your memory has faded over time or the institution responsible is defunct.

Kelso Lawyer’s experience with the National Redress Scheme

Kelso Lawyers has worked with hundreds of institutional abuse survivors to help them achieve maximum compensation for their situation. We would like to talk to you and hear your story.

Get in touch with Kelso Lawyers and talk to our expert lawyers (obligation free). We want to make sure all survivors have the best chance to get the justice they deserve.

Fill in the online form and we will be in touch.

Yes. Everyone should complete our online form first.

You don’t want to do the wrong thing and find yourself sold short or missing out on a civil claim against the institution.

Fill in our online form first so we can assess what is the best strategy for you.

We will complete your redress form for you if redress is the better way to go. Everyone’s case is different.

See our National Redress Scheme Application Form listed below. Or hit the button ‘Apply for Compensation.

Currently all the State governments, the Catholic Church, Anglican Church, Uniting Church, The Salvation Army, PCYC and Scouts Australia have signed up to the scheme. The Jehovah’s Witnesses have not.

Participating Institutions Are Found here.

We will assess all previous settlements to see if you are eligible for a top-up from redress. Please get in touch for more information.

Nobody knows at this stage. The Redress Scheme was put together in a rush so the finer points of the scheme have not been finalised yet.

There will be Independent Decision Makers assessing redress but the Commonwealth is not telling us yet who they are.

Nobody knows. The Redress Scheme is taking applications and shelving them all until they have worked out what to do.

This is an unsatisfactory answer but it’s what the National Redress Scheme is telling us.

7 Things You Should Know About The National Redress Scheme

National Redress Scheme Information

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The National Redress Scheme is only available for victims of sexual abuse

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The National Redress Scheme is only available for victims of sexual abuse